24V Präsenzmelder

Conventional occupancy and motion sensors often spoil high-quality interior designs with their large size and unappealing apperance. 

That 's why occy® occupancy sensors follow a differerent approach. With occy you implement reliable  motion sensing and lighting control in many different application scenarios - while fulfilling high aesthetic requirements. 

Whether you want to use occy® in ceilings, in wall boxes or in luminaire installations: Occy® does it all. Occy® occupancy sensors are extremely small and unobtrusive. There are 4 different ways to install occy® occupancy sensors.

Occy® uses digital PIR technology. This allows high sensitivity in a small design.


occy® smarthome (24V)
Occupancy sensor occy® smarthome (24V)
* €105,90 * SRP
occy® smarthome 7m extension cable
4-core extension cable (jack plug to jack socket).

This increases the distance between the sensor head and the smarthome Powerpack, e.g. if you prefer the Powerpack in close proximity to your control system.
* €12,90 * SRP
6M RJ 12 Cable
6 meters RJ12 Cable for connecting several 24V sensors together 1-to-1 straight through cable 6P6C. 100% electrically tested.
* €8,90 * SRP
Cable Adapter KA2 Set
Cable adapter to make the transition from RJ11 and RJ12) to installation cable or individual wires.
* €12,90 * SRP
EPV Occupancy Sensor PM/24V/L MASTER
Occupancy Sensor PM/24V/L MASTER
An occupancy sensor with additional lightlevel switchoff. Delay time and twilight switch level are adjustable. In two variations available.
€88,06 * €87,90 * SRP
Philips LRI 1653/01 Occupancy Sensor Actilume DALI Signify (new)
Philips Signify LRI 1653/01 Occupancy Sensor Actilume DALI (new). Multisensor
* €29,99 * SRP