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Review Occupancy sensor occy® smarthome (24V)

Occupancy sensor occy® smarthome (24V)

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Occupancy sensor occy® smarthome (24V)
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Occupancy Sensor occy® smarthome (24V)

  • maximum installation height: 5m
  • Output signal presence and light value: 10m active and passive
  • Pullup resistor not necessary
  • Power supply: 15-28V DC
  • Ambient temperature 0-50 ° C
  • IP 41


Sensor head with accessories for all types of installation and 24V powerpack for system connection

The first occy product version is occy smarthome (24V). This sensor consists of the sensor head - with all accessories for the 4 installation types - and a small powerpack for the connection to your control system. 

Präsenzmelder occy smarthome 24V sensorkopf und mini Powerpack

Instruction manual / data sheet 

Electrical Connection

occy smarthome puts out:

  • the occupancy / motion signal as a high/low level output (transistor output in push-pull mode) with a delay time of approx. 10 seconds. You can use this to connect to a binary input on your control system. 
  • the measures light level in the room as a 1-10V signal, active or passive: 0 Lux = 0V, 1.000 Lux = 10V. 
  • Max. load for both outputs (active & passive): 10mA 
  • For most control systems (e.g. Loxone) no pull-up Resistor is required
  • Powerpack connections: screw terminals
    • solid wire: up to 1,5 mm2
    • flex wire: up to 1 mm2

Expanding the coverage (Master / Slave) 

To one Powerpack you can connect  up to 5 additional powerpacks (and sensors) as Slaves. This is done with any simple 2-core cabling. In this way you can increase the coverage area without using  additonal inputs on your control system.

The connected sensors will work in parallel, i.e. like one sensor with a very large observation area. Every powerpack offers a 4-pole terminal for Slave extensions so that you can easily daisy-chain the additional units.  

Commissioning & Test Mode

Following the connection of the power supply to the powerpack or a (re-)connection between the sensor head and powerpack, the sensor will automatically go into commissioning mode: For 5 minutes the head will flash green whenever motion is detected. After these 5 minutes the green LED will remain off. In normal operation the sensor does not optical signal and is acoustically completely silent. 

Distance between sensor head and powerpack: 30 meters are fine.

If required the distance between sensor head and powerpack can be increased. You can expand this distance with 4-core wire, 3,5mm plug/socket) for up 30 meters. This is a plug & play solution with the 7-meter extension cables you can find in our shop.