For medicine & vaccines: Temperature Monitorin

What does your temperature monitoring look like today?

Temperaturkontrolle Kita Gastronomie Arztpraxis VorschriftenThe refrigeration of drugs and vaccines probably also represents a high level of responsibility and ongoing effort in your practice.

  • How do you monitor and document the temperatures in your practice refrigerator?  - Still by hand on paper every day?
  • How is documentation done on weekends, holidays or practice vacations?  - Possibly not at all?
  • How do you know when there is a malfunction or power outage?  - Only after painful financial damage has already occurred?

What could your monitoring look like instead?

  1. You'll never have to document temperatures on paper again. Fully automated min-max documentation, PDF monthly log.
  2. You can respond before damage occurs! Early warnings go to any number of recipients.
  3. Easy installation without technical knowledge. All-round carefree package. Neither WLAN nor 230V connection required.
COMOTIX® TEMPERATURE | Remote Temperature Monitoring, Temperature Alarm and Temperature Documentation: COMOTIX® Temperature (4G/5G)
• Remote temperature monitoring with Alarms and Documentation
• Autonomous & reliable: works WITHOUT WIFI and power supply
• Real-time monitoring: automatic recording of min and max values,
• Commissioning in 1 min., no technical knowledge required
* €309,00 * SRP