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Philips LRM8114 Movement Detector Occupancy Sensor

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Compact advanced movement
detector that features variable
delay-to-off via DIP switches
and can be part shaded to limit
coverage. The sensor is powered
via the additional modular plugin
(RJ12) connector cable that
attaches it to a lighting controller.
The sensor is suitable for both
recessed and surface mounting.
Mounting height is between 2.5m
and 3.5m.
Movement detector
The movement detector uses
a small form integrated quad
element pyro-electric passive
infra-red sensor. The unit is
triggered when a moving thermal
signal is picked up from a person
within its detection zone. The
detection pattern is virtually
rectangular and the area covered
is affected by the actual mounting
• Compact design.
• High sensitivity motion sensor,
with rectangular coverage.
• Flush- or Surface ceiling
mounting (surface mounting
by means of easy to install
• LED indication to check motion
detection to verify placement
and function of sensor at
• DIP switches to set the switchoff
delay time (5,10,15,20,25,30
or 35 minutes)
• DIP switch to enable/disable
the walk test LED.
• The sensor can be parallel
wired for multi-unit applications.
• The sensor accepts 12...24VDC
power supply.
• The sensor consumes not more
than 7.5 mA of current over
the complete supply voltage
• The sensor has one modular
jack entry with possibility to
connect modular T-adapter
f/f/m RJ12 6c/6p – type
Ø 72
Ø 63.5
Dimensions in