Luxindo Brands

Luxindo focuses on high-quality LED lights from Australian LED pioneer Brightgreen and lighting controls made by German energy efficiency specialist EPV Electronics.

Premium brands for energy saving lighting

LED lights and energy saving lighting controls – an excellent combination.

The combination of LED lights and intelligent lighting controls provides extremely efficient solutions which distinguish themselves at the same time by a high degree of comfort.

Brightgreen LED lights produce a high-quality illumination in warm white and create attractive interiors thanks to their TruColor technology (very high Colour Rendering Index CRI).

Because LED luminaires can easily be switched and dimmed very well, they are an excellent match for intelligent lighting controls.

Occupancy sensors automatically turn off the light when a room is vacant or dim the light when needed. Dimming can also happen in relation to natural daylight levels.

In this way you achieve the best possible combination of lighting comfort and energy saving. The fields of application are unlimited.

For energy savings on air onditioning units look at the AIRCOSAVER. This is an intelligent retrofit device that improves the energy efficiency of simple (non-inverter) A/C units, especially whenever they run in partial load conditions.