Brightgreen LED luminares and retrofit lights

Brightgreen LED luminaires and retrofit lights

D2000 Curve - LED downlight - STOCK CLEARANCE
D2000 Curve - LED downlight - STOCK CLEARANCE
€215,39 * €199,00 * SRP
Brightgreen LED luminares and retrofit lights

Premium LED Lighting

Brightgreen Messestand DesignEx

Brightgreen is inspired by 'bright green' environmentalism: using sustainable innovation to create economic growth without harming the earth

Brightgreen is an Australian group of premium LED lighting designers with a rapidly growing presence in Europe.

Our range of eco-friendly, energy efficient LEDs includes downlights, wall lights and halogen replacements for retrofit. Brightgreen's award-winning products include the D900 Curve - the world's first LED downlight to match the brightness of a 50w halogen, and the D900 Cube - the world's first square-beamed LED downlight.

We're on a sustainability mission. That's why Brightgreen LED lights are as bright as a halogen, incredibly energy efficient and last up to 70,000 hours.

Brightgreen stands against planned obsolescence: the strategy of making products with intentionally limited lifespans to increase profits. In contrast, our products are designed to survive for up to 70,000 hours, which means less lightbulbs will need to be produced, carbon footprints will be reduced, and less waste will go to to landfill. A single DR700 will prevent the purchase of 35 energy wasting halogen bulbs, thus saving 2765 kWh of energy and preventing 2.6 tonnes of carbon emissions over the course its life. 

  • Best light output in their respective categorie
  • Very long lasting thanks to thorough thermal design (originally invented for hot Australian conditions) and integrated temperature monitoring
  • Multi-award winning design
  • Vivid colour rendering (high CRI/Ra)
  • Dimmable on most leading and trailing edge dimmers
  • Long warranty

Buy online or offline

Brightgreen LED solutions are already available from many lighting retailers. There you can also get support and lighting design services for your project and you can experience our lights in real life before you buy. We are constantly expanding this network. 
You are also invited to contact us directly if you have any questions.